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Investment Management

Investment management is an opportunity for you to get an expert on your side when it comes to selecting from the many ways to hold your assets such that they grow in value. Many people choose to make their own investment decisions when they are working with a smaller portfolio, and this makes sense: the potential gains and losses may be small as well. However, as your assets grow, you'll begin to notice that a small change in your investment portfolio has an enormous impact on your net worth. Actively managing your investments with a trusted company can be a way to get the best possible advice and make great choices for your future.

Altus Wealth Group offers investment management services in Colorado Springs to help individual clients to create a portfolio of investments; this involves allocating different percentages of your assets to different kinds of financial products like stocks, bonds, funds, and more. Diversifying, or investing in a variety of different kinds of products, is widely considered an excellent and stable strategy for maximizing growth and stability at the same time, but there is no one-size-fits-all model for your money. Your risk tolerance, as well as the timeline for your goals, will help us offer you the best customized selection of investments. Best of all, investment management is far from set-it-and-forget-it; while it is true that some instruments remain untouched, collecting consistent returns for years, an investment management company will keep an eye on your investments and actively manage them when it makes sense, creating your best possible return on investment. All our choices are in service of your goals for your assets, making your choices flexible over time.

Your Investment Decisions are Important for Financial Success

Our investment management services help you assemble a diversified portfolio based on your financial plan. Our financial planners and portfolio managers can help you get your investments in order by breaking down the complexities you may find in your financial plan, and guide you toward an excellent variety of stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments. Trusting your financial plan with our portfolio managers will give you a peace of mind, and allow you to do the work you do best while your investments are managed by a professional.

The Investment Management Process at Altus Wealth Group

Our process at Altus starts with an open, candid conversation on what you want from your money; while some people want unparalleled stability, others are looking for an aggressive portfolio that will aim for maximum returns. Our investment portfolios are designed to meet the objectives laid out in your financial plan in the safest, most efficient manner possible. Employing a proven, disciplined approach, our financial planners seek the optimal balance between protecting and growing your capital, driven by your goals and the amount of time you have to capitalize on your returns. We want you to look to the future with optimism, while enjoying peace of mind right now.

The investment vehicles used and managed in our portfolios are world-class, and our investment managers customize our offerings for your needs and style. Some of the vehicles we employ include:

  • Individual Stocks - When you are interested in being part of the rise of particular companies or when a given individual stock possesses lots of growth potential.
  • Corporate and Municipal Bonds - For excellent stability and rate of return, bonds are important in your portfolio, especially as you near retirement. Open and
  • Closed-End Mutual Funds - ETFs and mutual funds allow you to get the benefits of a widely-diversified portfolio by purchasing a carefully curated collection of stocks and bonds.
  • Master Limited Partnerships - Take advantage of the ability to get into exchange-traded limited partnerships, another valuable source of diversity in your investment portfolio.
  • Certificates of Deposit - CDs provided unparalleled stability and can be incorporated into your long-term plan.
  • Alternative Investments - Experienced investment managers can help you evaluate on a case-by-case basis the investment opportunities that both you and they can bring to the table, making sure you choose only alternative investments that are likely to bring you the returns you want.

Tax Efficiency

Limiting the tax liabilities arising from your investments can help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently. When used well, tax-advantaged investment opportunities amount to a general higher rate of return, though it is always important to know when taxes may be assessed in the future. Thanks to our steady hand in tax-aware investing, we provide clients with sophisticated tax-management strategies that aren't available elsewhere. Helping you take full advantage of tax-advantaged vehicles first, as well as offering insights into how to allocate your funds within those investments, is a major part of our strategy for providing you with the best value your money can offer.

Retirement Income Portfolios

Our investment management services provide clients with peace of mind when it comes to their retirement income. We know that making sure you have a steady and lasting income in retirement is of utmost importance, and our strategies give you the security to know that your money will last. By utilizing both the potential of matching through your employer, as well as helping you sort through the choices of mutual funds that may be available, we can make great recommendations within your employer-offered program as well as help you choose the best supplemental instruments for your retirement needs.

Financial Advice

As your assets begin to build, you'll notice bigger and bigger differences between your high-performing investments and your lower-performing investments; the choice to manage your own investments without a background in the subject may begin to cost you. Altus Wealth Group can help you create a portfolio that inspires confidence to reach your goals, and actively managed portfolios allow you to rest assured that your investments will change in response to your goals over time.

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