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Wealth Management: Protecting and Growing Your Assets

Whether you have experienced the inheritance of a family member's assets, or are growing your own portfolio through excellent work in your career, most people will at some point need some wealth management assistance. Altus Wealth Group offers excellent wealth management services in Colorado Springs to help you capitalize on your current wealth for long-term financial success.

Many of us want similar things: we want to be able to balance spending and saving now so that our savings begin to compound and can eventually replace our need for income entirely. We want to be able to offer our children or dependents everything they need and some of the things they want. We want to be able to contribute to causes that matter to us, perhaps with a long-term legacy of doing great work even after we are gone. Wealth Management can help you achieve these goals, and more, through interconnected and synergistic services. Get to know what wealth management can do for you through our many services and expertise-driven offerings.

Comprehensive Wealth Management & Financial Services

Wealth management services are a way to get a variety of individual financial services under one umbrella. Working with a company that provides comprehensive services can compound your overall benefits. Altus Wealth Group, for example, will be able to suggest changes to your retirement portfolio that would also benefit your current or future need for a lower tax burden. Our wealth management services operate on the principle that knowing all the information helps you save money, invest wisely, and spend prudently in all areas of your financial life.

What Our Wealth Management Services Include

Our wealth management services include both, the ability to make a financial plan for the future as well as the execution of your financial plan through investment management services. Imagine it as the big-picture plan for your goals as well as the individual steps and products that will help to get you there. Our wealth management services can also include advising on what kinds of insurance will best protect you and your family, how to plan your taxes wisely to minimize your burden, as well as legal counsel or estate planning suggestions. Here at Altus, we can help you find the answers to your burning financial questions, and it all starts with getting to know us and letting us get to know you.

Once you meet with us and share the layout of your current financial situation, we can get started on two fronts: on one hand, we can help you make in-the-moment choices by assembling a fully risk-managed discretionary portfolio of investments that will help you maximize your returns and stability right now. On the other hand, we can talk through where you and your family would like to be in 5, 10, 15, and 30 years from now (and any number in between). We have realistic and hopeful suggestions that can help you to achieve your goals through small steps now and important choices along the way.

Our Wealth Management Team

Altus Wealth Group allows you to take advantage of sharing your story - a process called discovery - with a team that contains a wide variety of expertise, from a legal understanding of tax law to financial product experts and money management professionals. Not only can they individually help you achieve your goals, but they also have knowledge of who else under their roof can suggest valuable insights to you. Our collaboration at Altus Wealth Group will help you achieve your goals in all areas of finance, from your investment portfolio to your debt management to your tax planning choices.

The team at Altus Wealth Group provides more than just advice. We recognize that financial choices aren't cut and dry, but instead, involve a lot of personal choice and emotion. We want to help you find a path that feels right for your money while working within the best practices of the financial industry. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through a variety of wealth management and financial services.

Why is Wealth Management Important?

One of the biggest questions that wealth management can answer for you, your family, or your business is a simple question: How much wealth will I need to reach my goals? The knowledge and experience of a Wealth Management professional can help you identify a target number that will allow you to leave a legacy to the organizations and individuals whom you cherish. They will ensure you can maintain the lifestyle you've had while working all the way through your retirement, taking into account the fact that your retirement may also involve added medical expenses. They can help you balance the needs of now, with the excellent benefits of compounded returns when you save for the future.

The Fiduciary Advantage

In addition to the many services that a financial advising company can provide, our fiduciary financial advisors are always looking out for your best interests; they have legally committed to choosing the best products for you, not the products that carry a particular commission for themselves. When entrusting your assets to a company, always seek out full-service fiduciary financial advisors, like Altus Wealth Group in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Schedule a Meeting With a Financial Planner

We at Altus offer comprehensive wealth management services, both in Investment Management and in Financial Planning, to make sure that your plan is excellent, easy to follow, and secure. Contact us today to make an appointment and learn why wealth management can offer you unprecedented peace of mind about your financial situation. We offer a complimentary meeting to get acquainted with what we offer and grow in your understanding of just how valuable wealth management services can be, and how much of a benefit it is to get your investment management and financial planning services under one roof.


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